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Business made simple for women with a passion for health, healing and happiness

Be Inspired

Be Inspired

At Women in Wellbeing, business is made simple for women with a passion for health, healing and happiness. We provide inspiration and support to take your business to...

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Be inspired by successful women in the wellness industry. Click on photos to listen now.


From women creating the business of their dreams

“You inspired in me a sense of confidence and self belief! You understand the twists and turns in business – exactly the support I needed to achieve results.”
Kendra Boone, Kendra Healing Arts

“I absolutely loved it. So much goodness presented in a really accessible way. You get us thinking more broadly without being overwhelmed.”
Jules Jauregui, Alatorum

“It’s so valuable to be supported by someone within the industry, who understands the challenges of starting and growing a small business.”
Jenny Sutherland, Prana Yoga Space

“I didn’t think I’d be at this stage so quickly! The encouragement, motivation and success stories really keep me going.”
Leonie MacDonald, Peace Quest

“Very inspiring! I got the courage to give myself permission to be me and promote my business in a way I feel comfortable.”
Angela Thurston, Yoga Teacher and Thai Yoga Massage Therapist

“I like your step-by-step approach that helps me keep track of the areas of my business that need attention.”
Christine Wilde, Holistic Counsellor and Psychotherapist

“Starting a new business, I was full of questions and self-doubt. With your support, I began to understand a sensible way of finding solutions.”
Jen Brown, Yogasana Fitness

“Thanks for giving me a great way to assess my business, where I want to be and also for lots of useful tips to grow my business!” – Virginia Wells, WellSorted – Professional Organiser

“I was amazed there were so many yoga teachers in a business workshop!
I really enjoyed it.”
Suzie Williams, Abundant Potential

“You provided so much advice! Your support was invaluable in setting up our business and ensured the smooth transition to ongoing success.”
Gail Robertson, Yoga Flows


  • Kendra Boone
  • Jules
  • Jenny
  • Leonie MacDonald
  • Angela Thurston
  • Christine
  • Jen Brown
  • Virginia Wells
  • Suzie Williams
  • Gail