02. Bringing wellness online with Emma Grey and Audrey Thomas

02. Bringing wellness online with Emma Grey and Audrey Thomas


Bringing wellness online with Emma Grey and Audrey Thomas 

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Emma Grey and Audrey Thomas are two very inspiring women.

Emma is a life balance specialist, and director of WorkLifeBliss. She is also a published author, speaker and freelance journalist. Audrey is an experienced accredited coach and facilitator. She has a strong background in learning and development and is the founder of Chick Chat Coaching.

They have been running successful small businesses for a number of years before collaborating to create the popular and life changing, My 15 Minutes. What started as a simple idea has evolved into a range of programs to meet the needs of busy people…at work and at home.

Find out more about Emma and Audrey on their website or on facebook.

In this interview

  • Easy ways to tackle your technology stumbling blocks
  • Genuinely relating, serving and interacting with clients via the internet
  • DIY vs outsourcing when building your business online
  • Simple copywriting tips for non-writers and non-creatives
  • Finding other women who your respect professionally and inspire you
  • Choosing collaboration over competition with others in your industry
  • Embracing your career change and transitioning into your wellness business

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