03. Creating abundance, drive and passion with Angie Cowen

03. Creating abundance, drive and passion with Angie Cowen

03. Creating abundance, drive and passion with Angie Cowen 

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Angie Cowen is an amazing wholefoods chef based in Sydney Australia. Angie is passionate about gluten-free cooking and providing a culinary taste experience, whilst aiding the body’s health through strengthening the digestive system.

She established Angie Gluten Free where she creates mindful, wholefood catering for yoga retreats, weddings and special events.

Angie also founded Wellness Woman, an inspiring networking event for women in the wellness industry, as well as Ladies in Pink, an elegant organic, gluten-free high-tea fundraiser event.

She has an incredible drive, passion and contagious enthusiasm for food, wellness and educating others.

Find out more about Angie at: www.angieglutenfree.com 

In this interview

  • The importance of believing in and trusting in yourself
  • How to address negative self talk that limit you in business and in life
  • How to stay fresh, creative and always bounce back when things don’t go your way
  • Why focusing on what excites you – will get your goals
  • Invest in your passion by getting trained to be the best you can be
  • Healing your body through nutrients and healthy food
  • Using professional and personal development as part of your self-care plan

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