05. Midwifery to birthing centre: Celebrating life with Afua Hassan

05. Midwifery to birthing centre: Celebrating life with Afua Hassan


05. Midwifery to birthing centre: Celebrating life with Afua Hassan

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Afua Hassan is a midwife and owner of the Birthing Place in Houston Texas, USA.

Afua has been a licensed midwife for 30 years, and runs a dedicated midwifery service that offers a range of support and community programs including, prenatal, natural childbirth, postnatal and lactation.

In particular, the Birthing Place is committed to offering a service for families who choose to birth their children at home – with the core belief that a midwife follows the path of a normal birth.

Find out more about Afua at www.thebirthingplace.com

In this interview

  • Finding inner strength and inspiration from devastating life events
  • Why it’s so rewarding to be part of women’s birth journeys
  • Being passionate and present when serving your clients
  • How to provide the experience your clients want
  • Why location is critical when setting up your business
  • Growing your business while staying connected with clients
  • Partnering with others to maintain work-life balance

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