06. Bringing your vision to life with Henrike Schreer

06. Bringing your vision to life with Henrike Schreer

06. Bringing your vision to life with Henrike Schreer

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Henrike Schreer is as a Transformational Coach and NLP Master Practitioner, who has manifested her dream in co-developing and co-managing the organic retreat, Krishna Village Eco Yoga Community in Murwillumbah, Australia.

Henrike’s passion lies in assisting people to connect to their purpose, break free of current limitations and unleash their full potential. The cornerstone of her coaching philosophy is to take a holistic approach – the alignment of body, mind and soul.

The retreat she co-manages is centred around yoga, spirituality, health and life coaching. She provides 1:1 coaching, workshops and management – all of which is play, and she believes being a coach isn’t a job, but a lifestyle!

Find out more about Henrike at www.krishnavillage-retreat.com

In this interview

  • How to visualise your goals with incredible clarity
  • Why you need courage, guts and trust to take opportunities
  • Defining integrity as about being in alignment with who you are
  • How your enthusiasm brings the best out of people
  • Being comfortable to slowly build your business. Grow organically
  • Why life coaching is not a job but a lifestyle
  • Relying on your heart and vision during challenging conversations

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