12. Creating a community with Jen Brown

12. Creating a community with Jen Brown

12. Creating a community with Jen Brown

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Jen Brown is a yoga teacher in Canberra on a mission to build a community with more yoga practitioners per capita than any other capital city in Australia.

To achieve this goal, she started the first Canberra Yoga Conference in March 2015, which has evolved into the Summer’s End Yoga Festival to take place in March 2016.

Unable to travel to other yoga festivals with two small children, she decided that Canberra had a plethora of talent and could run its own event. One phone call lead to another and soon everything fell into place.

Her skills as a project manager help her to get the job done, whereas her skills as a yoga teacher help her get the job done with her sanity still intact!

Find out more about Jen on her website, facebook and at the Summer’s End Yoga Festival.

In this interview

  • How to find your dharma, your purpose in life right now
  • Why you need to really believe in what you offer
  • How to re-ignite your spark by being part of a community
  • What it’s like behind the scenes of a yoga festival
  • How to use lists as a productivity tool to help you focus
  • Why accepting where you are brings peace and contentment

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