14. Exploring the mind ~ body connection with Dr Joanny Liu

14. Exploring the mind ~ body connection with Dr Joanny Liu

14. Exploring the mind-body connection with Dr Joanny Liu

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Dr Joanny Liu is a physician, author, speaker, brain expert and Founder of Extraordinary Sports Medicine.

Based in Calgary, Canada, Dr Joanny is an international leader in Chinese Sports Medicine and Chinese Sports Psychology.

She has special expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of concussions, and speaks regularly about the effects of stress on the brain.

Find out more about Dr Joanny on her website, facebook and linkedin

In this interview

  • How to turn a success mindset to a healing mindset
  • Why a chronic emotional state is the origin of disease, pain and injury
  • How the ‘victim mentality’ keeps you stuck and what to do about it
  • Why a career in wellness can be whatever you want it to be
  • How to attract clients by being enthusiastic about who you are
  • Why listening is the best way to communicate in business

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