17. Pursuing your passion with Grace Miano

17. Pursuing your passion with Grace Miano

17. Pursuing your passion with Grace Miano

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Grace Miano is a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner and founder of Goodness Gracious Health.

Based in Melbourne, Australia, she is an experienced speaker, educator and writer.

She helps women prepare for and achieve a healthy pregnancy, birth experience and recovery, with abundant energy, stamina, resilience, ability to heal well and quickly, with overall radiant health.

Find out more about Grace on her website and facebook. 

In this interview

  • How to turn what you do for pleasure into a passion career
  • What you need to do to focus on the big picture
  • How to avoid burnout and look after yourself
  • Why you must empower and educate your clients
  • How to pivot your business according to your life stage
  • Why being proactive in networking is so effective
  • How a part-time job can help build your business sustainably

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