18. Finding peace and purpose with Kendra Boone

18. Finding peace and purpose with Kendra Boone

18. Finding peace and purpose with Kendra Boone

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Kendra Boone is an intuitive Eastern based practitioner, integrating the traditional medicines of yoga, meditation, reflexology and massage.

Based in Canberra, Australia she is the owner of Kendra Healing Arts.

Kendra believes our mind and body are amazing tools to experience the world, and in fine tuning these tools and uniting with spirit, we have the potential to find deep inner peace and new levels of wellbeing.

Find out more about Kendra on her website and facebook. 


In this interview

  • Why reflection is so critical for self-care and self-compassion
  • Insights into incorporating spirituality into your business
  • Why stepping back and letting go invites creativity and solutions
  • How to trust your own experience and tap into your inner wisdom
  • Karma yoga explained and how to get the most out of it
  • How to blend your offerings and upsell with different modalities
  • Why you should view wellness as a journey not a treatment

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