19. Sharing your expertise with Rachel Trotta

19. Sharing your expertise with Rachel Trotta

19. Sharing your expertise with Rachel Trotta

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Rachel Trotta is a Certified Personal Trainer and a Therapeutic Exercise Specialist. She is the owner of Zenith Personal Training, an in-home coaching service located in New York City.

The author of “Injury-Proof: Moving Better, Training Smarter and Building an Invincible Core”, Rachel focuses on injury prevention for runners.

She has a passion for whole-person health, authentic wellness, and education, so that each client reaches their own personal “zenith.”

Find out more about Rachel on her website and twitter. 


In this interview

  • Why will power doesn’t cut it and scheduling is the key to success
  • How to write, publish and market your first book
  • Why sleep and a morning routine are essential to healthy living
  • The importance of cross-training to prevent injury
  • How to have the courage and humility to get feedback
  • Why running is such an accessible way of fitness

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