20. Believing in yourself with Paula Gosney

20. Believing in yourself with Paula Gosney

20. Believing in yourself with Paula Gosney

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Paula Gosney is a passionate coach, business woman and professional speaker.

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, she’s the force behind Belief School, an online interactive personal development program, helping individuals transform their lives through self-realisation, self-esteem and confidence.

Paula is deeply passionate about sharing information, bringing authenticity and a whole lot of learning from her amazing personal growth and significant business success.

Find out more about Paula on her website and facebook. 

In this interview

  • How coaches have to believe and hold the vision for others
  • What to do when the world tells us we’re not good enough
  • How to become an expert and grow your business with substance
  • Why clients need to experience and own their great qualities
  • How gratitude and clarity are the key to resilience
  • Why the biggest nay-sayers are ourselves

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