I LOVE sharing wonderful tools and resources!

Over the years, I’ve tested a lot of different tools and have discovered a select few that I love dearly – because they:

Provide great value at an affordable cost; and

These tools make business simple.


Marketing – cheap & simple
Start small and simple! The clients who need you the most are already looking for you. Make the search easier for them with these ideas…

Vistaprint | Very fast turn around and affordable printed promotional materials
Mailchimp | Email newsletters made easy
Facebook | Set up a business page and connect with your clients
Zintel | Virtual phone, receive calls as an mp3 and reply when you’re available


Websites – DIY style

These are perfect for anyone not so tech-inclined! It’s a way of looking pro at very little cost or effort.

Bluehost | Super affordable web-hosting but with great service
WordPress | Web-software we’ve been using for years!
Elegant Themes | Beautiful wordpress themes
Formstack | Easy online forms that look pro
Crazy Domains | Cheap domain name provider


Business admin
To create more time doing what you love and less on administering your business – I am a big fan of automating and being able to run your business on the go. Check out:

Asana | Organising heaven and great way to document your processes
Insightly | Client relationship management system
Dropbox | Store your files virtually and access them anywhere
Formstack | Sending automatic emails from online forms


Online courses
And finally, I am are big believers in being a perpetual learner. Here are my favourite business courses, without which I wouldn’t be where we are today:

My 15 Minutes Small Business | Created by two wonderful ladies, Emma Grey and Audrey Thomas, this super simple 90 day course takes only 15 minutes of your day, yet the impact is amazing! Take the overwhelm out of your running your business and get on top of your marketing and social media, sales, finances and systems. Best of all, it allows you to create space for your own personal growth and wellbeing.

Internet Business Academy | Developed by two inspiring yet incredibly down-to-earth guys, Jason van Orden and Jeremy Franson, this self-paced program blew our mind! It is all about taking your passion and strengths – then serving people all over the world! Through easy, step-by-step audio and video tutorials, you create an online business, regardless of how un-techy you may be! Plus, the mastermind group is absolute gold, we’ve made wonderful connections with other students internationally who are just as passionate about making a positive impact in the lives of others.


Quick note
Some links on this page include affiliates, where if you decide the services meet your needs, the provider gives a small commission for helping get the word out. The cost is the same as when you go to their website directly.

I became an affiliate simply because after a lot of trial and error, these are the resources I am proud to use everyday and I’m excited to share them with you.

If you have any questions or need help getting started with these tools and resources, get in contact and I’d love to chat more!


Much love,

PJ xox
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